Best Detroit Neighborhoods for Young Professionals

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Relocating to Detroit as a single person can make for a great time exploring the city. Whether you’re relocating due to a job transfer or looking for a change of scenery, Detroit has much to offer the young professional. Here are some neighborhoods worth looking at before you have your Detroit movers unpacking your things into your new home.



Midtown has tons to offer in terms of culturally significant areas including the Central Business District, Detroit Institute of Art, the Detroit Public Library, Wayne State University, and the list goes on and on. So even if you don’t end up living in the Midtown area, you’ll definitely want to make your way here at some point while living in Detroit. Midtown is assisted by The Midtown Detroit Inc. development center, a nonprofit designed to plan and continue development of the Midtown area. This area represents a good mix of housing for every income level, making this neighborhood an affordable option.



If “historical charm” is number one on your list of must-haves for your home and neighborhood environment, Woodbridge is your dream neighborhood. They have all the historical charm with the new luxuries most of us have come to love and expect. Most of the houses in the Woodbridge area were originally built in the 1800’s and now portioned into smaller dwellings, making affordable living spaces in this charming neighborhood. Woodbridge offers an artsy influence, with a vibrant arts and music scene.


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Moving with Teenagers

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Children who are school age or younger might take news of a big move at little hard. But ultimately they’ll be okay with the adjustment once they get a new daily schedule started. Teenagers can be a little different when it comes to moving. How you tell your teen about your relocation, making them a part of the process, and providing them with the support they need to adjust to their new home might take a little extra effort. But here are some tips to help your teen with moving.


Highlight the Benefits

Whether you’re moving across town or moving across the country, making sure your teen is reminded of the benefits of moving will help keep them motivated and positive with the transition. It can be as simple as telling them “in our new house you will have a basement so you can host your friends at home and have a little privacy.” Or “at your new school you will be able to play violin because they have an orchestra.” Keep it positive and it will be healthy for the entire family, but especially your teen.


Keep the Visits Home to a Minimum

Even when your teen is begging to go back to your hometown to spend the night at their friend’s house, explain to them the more they keep going back the harder it’s going to be to make new friends. Establishing new friendships is key to feeling like their new school and community is just like home.


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